Trumpocalypse and other DNC plans for July

Wow. Reading through these documents makes me sick. RNC, DNC what’s the difference? Not much. Yeah. The “social issues.” And how long do we really believe that will last? As long as the DNC’s nominee accepts money from human rights violators, not long is my guess. Remember, Republicans weren’t always as unreasonable as they are now. It’s only a matter of time until the Democrats join them.


I have a new bunch of docs from the DNC server for you.

It includes the DNC action plan during the Republican National Convention, Surrogate Report, POTUS briefing, financial reports, etc.

This pack was announced two days ago but I had to keep you waiting for some security reasons. I suffered two attacks on my wp account.

You might be aware of the rumors about Marcel Lazar aka Guccifer. Those are a.c. fake stories, but who knows. Please keep me updated if there is any news.



POTUS Briefing 05.18.16_AS Edits

pot1Big Spreadsheet of All Things

spread1DRAFT Platform Press Release (DWS)


And other docs:

051916 Simas Sue and Grace

Democracy TV Presentation

DNC LGBT List_6 9 2016

Finance_LGBT Reception Guest List

Sample Report

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