Soliloque de la Révolution

Paranoia strikes deep
Into your life it will creep
It starts when you’re always afraid
You step out of line, the man come and take you away

We better stop, hey, what’s that sound
Everybody look what’s going down

~Buffalo Springfield, Somethings Happening Here

Feel The Bern Forever

The establishment has beaten us up pretty badly. Some of us are punchy. Hang in there until the convention, Bernie Family.



Stolen from us.

You know it. I know it.

Establishment’s fingerprints were all over it.

We were just getting started, though.


Yuuuge victory in New Hampshire

Followed by the debacle of Nevada.

Whispers of “F*ck the establishment” were uttered.


The South

Yeah, we knew who held the cards here, but did we have to get knocked down so hard?

And did we have to fall into such muddy waters?

Of course we did.

Our candidate, our leader’s past, his record is impeachable. Untouchable.

Establishment’s only choice was to sling that oh-so-typically-corrupt-and-time-dishonored mud.


The lies got us down.

And then we got back up.

Establishment didn’t expect that.


Victories came and went

Without any mainstream media’s time spent.


Alabama, Georgia, and Texas

Of course we didn’t expect you to go our way.

But Massachusettes.





An upset in Michigan.

Establishment on the ropes.


On to Illinois, Ohio, North Carolina

Election Fraud.

Voter Suppression.

These are no longer merely words

Or obscure concepts.

These are now experiences.

Democracy is being stolen. Our liberty in peril.

Thank you, Establishment.

May I have another?


New York

A devastating blow.

Below the belt of course, because dirty is what establishment does best.

This blow started a full 6-months before we landed on the mat.

Would we get back up?

Was there a point?

Establishment told us,

“Stay down. There is nothing left to fight for. You have lost.”

It didn’t matter.

Turns out, we still know how to get back up and

With cries of,

“F*ck you, Establishment,

You corrupt, selfish, elitist pricks and vaginas

We will not go silently into this night.”


No longer a whimper.

We have become a roar.


We rule social media so pervasively, so effectively, so powerfully,

We are tsunami.






Well, King Anita-Hill-Breaker,

Despicable slime,

In his tiny, insect ganglia that passes for a brain

He simply could not have that, now could he?

They took the simple troll

And brought it down to a despicable low,

The bought-and-paid-for viciously hateful troll.

To taunt.

To confuse.

To muddy the waters.

All with the aim of breaking our spirit.


The establishment is not only delusional, they really are quite simple and addled brained.


By the time we arrived in California

We are battle worn soldiers,

Making calls,

Reaching out to our neighbors

And strangers across this country,

People we had never met before became our Sisters and Brothers.

We are the Revolution.

He has been right from the very beginning and all along:

It is #NotMeUs and this is #OurRevolution.


Attacked by the corrupted, ill-informed, selfish, bitter, shallow-thinking, non-thinking fans of incremental change, the mainstream, corporate-owned media and their hangers-on, and all the other inhuman liars.

We have something called standards.




And we also possess an indignant outrage,

Which we promise to never lose.

Outrage is the only response to the abuse of children,

The elderly,

The poor,

And the vulnerable.

Our government is infected by a cancerous growth called the establishment, which at its best ignores us and at its cringe-worthy worse




Harms us.

Oh, the crimes that have been committed against Mother Earth and We, the People!

Oh, the greedy, diseased-riddled corporations who damage and kill us with chemicals, toxins, and fracking!

We, the People care about the entire 99%.

Even you, Lowly Paid Troll.


We are with you, Bernie.

We have been with you the entire time.

Watching them land a blow on you has been a blow on us.

We have been drug through their muddy waters right beside you.

We take it personally.

Of course we take it personally.

And the establishment still doesn’t get it.

This is #OurRevolution.

And it feels good.

It feels powerful,

Like having a righteous Storm by Its tail.

It feels right.

God d*mn it.

We ARE the Revolution.

Perhaps even more so than the original,

Because we know that it really is #NotMeUs.


Preparing ourselves just in case we lose

The Battle for the Presidency,

We must know in our gut,

And in our beautiful hearts,

And in our strong, combat-tested bones:

We will not lose the War for the Soul of These Fractured United States.

We will not lose because

Our children depend on us.

Our grandchildren depend on us.

Mother Earth depends on us.

The World is Watching.


Establishment –Your reign is nearly over.

Hate – Your days are numbered.

We, the People will keep getting back up

And soon

Quite soon

It will be you who is tired.

We already know the Truth, you see.

That Truth you’ve tried so hard to keep from us:

We, the people know that this is our country

And we will have Her back.

This is #OurRevolution. We’ll #SeeYouInPhilly.

A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly say, hooray for our side

It’s time we stop, hey, what’s that sound
Everybody look what’s going down

~Buffalo Springfield, Somethings Happening Here


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